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BHI-Systemberatung is offering its services for over 20 years to our satisfied customers. We offer consulting, SW development and testing on a wide variety of computer types and operating systems, including embedded realtime applications with a strong attitude towards all kind of Unix and Apple Macintosh systems, with special focus on MacOSX, MacOSX-Server and the iPhone platform.

Based on our own tools and profund knowledge in networking we are able to help you getting your corporate network running, including primary domain services such as Open Directory, DNS, Kerberos, Radius, NetBoot and many more. We have implemented large to very large network structures in the recent past for our customers in the telecommunications business, as well as surprisingly affordable stand-alone solutions for small-business with exactly the same high security standards and enterprise functionality, including currently much hyped virtualization technologies with our experience reaching back nearly a decade.

We also welcome any serious development project offer for MacOSX (or Unix), although consulting for porting and test tasks for MacOS9 and other (possibly embedded) systems are negotiable. If we are able to choose, we prefer any Cocoa based MacOSX project, specially ObjC and WebObjects, with a contract duration of 6 month or longer, preferably in the Munich area or remote using our own development infrastructure.

Being a registered Apple developer for over a decade by now, we have access to all relevant tools and every piece of needed information to develop your new or port your existing application from any platform to MacOSX, MacOSX-Server or iPhone OS. Based on our experience in low-level (assembly language) programming we offer you our help in opening your devices to the Macintosh world.

We are able to assist you to streamline or even fully automate your current database based web page pulishing and deployment, with preference on the WebObjects toolkit, as well as Rails and many other (although my personal preference was and stays perl). Strictly standard conform html coding (instead of using graphical tools) enables you to automate your (re)design, code and web page regression testing and makes your pages also accessible for persons with accessability disablings.

If you plan a large(r) project, we encourage you to hire our consulting services, where we are able guide you through all sorts of management tasks, team coordination, project documentation, regression testing and configuration management (one of our areas of focus), especially based on a high-end Rational ClearCase system (usually Solaris or Linux hosted).

Asking us for help with all these underestimated (and often very difficult) tasks right from the beginning will save you a lot of money - dependent on your experience and the planned project size maybe even more: your reputation to deliver high quality software products in time.

Just mail us (mailto:cw@bhi.de) for more information or any details you need.
Thank you in advance for asking us - your success is our motivation.

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BHI-Systemberatung - Christian Wolf
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